Meeting Poets by Eunice de Souza

Meeting poets I am disconcerted sometimes
by the colour of their socks
the suspicion of a wig
the wasp in the voice
and an air, sometimes, of dankness.

Best to meet in poems:
cool speckled shells
in which one hears
a sad but distant sea.

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Kavyaa said...

marvellous! thru this poem u've just abt summed up the precious favour u're doing us thru ur blog..
without any autobiographical blurb on its poet, or the explanatory notes on it, the poem stands naked in all its glory...and it's upto us to hear our own sad distant sea resonating thru its lines...

Rachel Fox said...

Yes, but this is what I would call an easy poem - easy to understand, easy to relate to, easy to connect with etc. etc. I can see very easily why a person would choose this one without any word of introduction or explanation or other embroidery. That doesn't stop it being a very good poem (I don't see 'easy' as an insult...most of mine are probably in that category for a lot of readers). Other poems though make me think 'why on earth would a person choose that?' and of course I can try and work it out for myself...but will I? Sometimes yes, sometimes no...

Unknown said...

Will anybody help me in understanding whether the second stanza of the poem is about poets or about poems

Unknown said...


Unknown said...