If It is True by Richard Ntiru

If it is true
that the world talks too much
then lets all keep quiet
and hear the eloquence
of silence

If it is true
that the world sees too much
then let’s all close our eyes
and see the inner vision
beneath the closed eyes

if it is true
that the world hears too much
then let’s wax our ears
and listen to the chastity of inner music
that defies betrayal
by the wayward wind

If it is true
that the world moves too much
then let’s stand statuestill
and imitate the stubborn will
of trees
that move without being peripatetic

for the dumb don’t tell lies

for the blind can’t be peeping toms

for the deaf cannot eavesdrop

for the crippled can’t trespass.

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Anonymous said...

Been looking for this poem for ages. Was made to memorize this in my Secondary school days and dramatize it as well. T'was really fun.

Pristine said...

I still enjoy Ntirus peoms. This was good. I am alos looking for help.

I am looking for a poem whose full words I cant remember but had words like " and yet none of us spoke". Read in high school in 70's. I do not know the author either. I think it was about an execution during the fight for freedom in Arica. If anybody can recall it and has information, respond using this site and my personal email: mathanganim@yahoo.co.uk.

patrick said...

thank you! :)
saves me like $20! :D

Mutoni said...

Good to find one of my dad's poems online..trying to get him to write some more

Njuki Githethwa said...

Thanks for sharing. Where is Richard Ntiru nowadays. Would love to get in touch. We have been discussing with some friends on facebook on his poem "Introduction" in Jonathan Kariara & Ellen Kitonga: An Introduction to East African Poetry, Nairobi, Oxford University Press, 1976.

Micheline said...

Pls send me your email address and I will put you in touch Njuki.

Njuki Githethwa said...

Thanks Micheline. My email - njukig@yahoo.com

onwu gideon said...

Great.. Have been looking for this poem