The Uncertainty of the Poet by Wendy Cope

I am a poet.
I am very fond of bananas.

I am bananas.
I am very fond of a poet.

I am a poet of bananas.
I am very fond.

A fond poet of 'I am, I am'-
Very bananas.

Fond of 'Am I bananas?
Am I?'-a very poet.

Bananas of a poet!
Am I fond? Am I very?

Poet bananas! I am.
I am fond of a 'very.'

I am of very fond bananas.
Am I a poet?

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The poet guy said...

when was this written?
Love this poem

Anonymous said...

It's based on the painting, Uncertainty of the Poet by Giorgio de Chirico in 1913.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant! You're my hero, Wendy! ;-7